How To Get A Quote Or An Article In A Magazine News Story

How To Get A Quote Or An Article In A Magazine News Story


As a TV media veteran, I’m thrilled to get media coverage too.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe Milwaukee’s MetroParent Magazine put us on the May cover or how it happened.

Putting your business in the right place at the right time isn’t easy. You have to strategically think about where your clients and customers are hiding.

  • What newspapers, magazines, online content are they reading?
  • What social media channel do they like the most?
  • What shows or YouTube videos are they watching?

After you find your audience, how are you going to structure the story you want to tell them?

Sometimes this task also takes a major dose of divine intervention.

How to get your business featured in a magazine

First, you must have a “hook”. What will be your bait for getting the media’s attention?

If you’ve read my new book or signed up for my newsletter, you know I’m all about writing a killer email that is quick.

You’ll be surprised I did NOT write an email to MetroParent to get this cover story. MetroParent Magazine Editor Amy Schwabe met in the lobby before we were about to appear on WTMJ’s Morning Blend.

We arrived at the same time and headed down the hallway together to the green room.

I didn’t know her so I introduced myself and we had a great chat about her being a relatively new magazine editor and my new venture as a speaker and publicity coach.

A couple days later, the Executive Producer of The Morning Blend emailed me because she said Amy wanted to connect. She wanted to talk about doing a cover shoot with me and my son for Mother’s Day.

My eyes widened as I read the email. I couldn’t believe it. My hook. I’m a busy mom. 🙂

I hope after reading the “What do you do all day feature” you’ll see how other mothers are answering this question.

Being genuinely interested in the people around you can lead to wonderful connections. Thank you, Amy.

Be your best before you go “On Air”. Read my new book about how to attract the coverage you need and my personalized coaching will help.

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