Starting the Seth Godin Blog-A-Day Challenge – Today!

Starting the Seth Godin Blog-A-Day Challenge – Today!


I met Seth Godin through my brother who didn’t really met him either. My brother Rob saw Seth speak at a conference. Rob is the Chief Operations Officer for the Fresno Rescue Mission in California so a couple times a year, he is sent to these “pump you up and do the most you can” workshops. We both love this type of positive information. I’m pretty sure it’s wired into our DNA.

After the workshop and hearing Seth speak, Rob called me and said, “Sis, you need to buy this guy’s book called, “Poke the Box”. The title is weird but the message is to take your big ideas and get them heard.” Okay, my little brother rarely tells me that I must do anything so I hung up and downloaded the book.

I loved it. Right on the back cover, there was this great question.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” – Seth Godin

Reading this book in 2011 started my brain churning. FOX 6 had started the “Real Milwaukee” talk show just the year before and as one of the host, we still were doing a lot of segments and discussions for the “first time”. I needed to be fearless and put the thought of failure or judgment behind me.

Little did I know my love for Seth Godin’s content would eventually support my move into a new career. After 6 years of a new TV project, I simply needed something new again.

You have to be up for a challenge and a lifetime of learning.

Words that sound great but in reality can be extremely scary. Making the decision to leave my great job wasn’t easy. The challenge of starting over again as a speaker and a coach for those who want to unlock the media and train their executives and teams to put their best mouth forward isn’t easy. And now I’m taking on another project that isn’t easy but needs to be done.

Seth Godin challenges everybody to write a blog or daily entry.  A quick or long observation or lesson you’ve learned, really anything you want to say. Consistency is the key and I’ve been told my audience needs a daily message.

Whether they read it every day or not isn’t the goal, the goal is that I write it.

I’ll be using some of these blogs in my bi-monthly newsletter, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE HERE. Who knows what the information I’m reading and writing will unlock in you? Want to get in on the challenge?

Welcome, 2017!

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