Hello! Fancy meeting you here.

Actually, I’d love to personally meet you and your audience. As a former TV talk show host, I will bring the “show” to your event. Event planners who want their guest to walk away saying, “Wow, that was terrific!” are booking me to:
*Emcee Events
*Moderate Discussions
*Give Keynote Speeches

My prepared talks are called “Keynote Conversations” and not just because it sounds like my name. Although that’s kinda cool.
Katrina Cravy’s Keynote Conversations.
Conversations — because, even though I’m a professional speaker, listening is where you learn the good stuff. Oh, I’ll lead but you’ll be amazed by where the Q and A takes us.

Intended audiences:
Business/Entrepreneur Groups / Women Leaders / Non-Profits / Public Relation Professionals/ Churches / Broadcast College Students

Available Conversations

Women RULE!
Why God HAD to make us.

Buckle up to have some fun and scream down the “Female Freeway” together. You might need a helmet for where this super-charged conversation is headed. Let’s honk the horn and celebrate what it takes to be a woman leader at home and at the office. Learn why we should be ruling the world!

Broadcast Your Business
Secrets to Attract the Media and Unwrap Free Publicity

If you’ve ever wondered how did “they” get booked on that show? Why did that company get the feature story? Katrina knows. Grab her recipe to spice up your story and have the media begging for seconds.

Find Your Mission
Why are you wearing that jet pack?

You’re ready to blast off to the moon, so why hasn’t Mission Control started the countdown? If you’re hiring Katrina, you want to reach your full potential. She does too. See why singing the Mission Impossible song helps.

Take Your Brand to the Bank
Trusted advice from a “Glorified Customer Service Woman”

Along her first parade people said, “Who’s that?” loud enough for her to hear and now she’s one of the best known names in Milwaukee. Katrina has been building a personal “brand” since the word was used on cows and not people.

Electrify Your Life
Ready to be an adult? I’m not either.

How to get a job, and find the courage to face life and TV cameras.

Protecting God’s Gifts
How to Spot a Modern-Day Judas…or anyone who wants steal your silver.

Thieves don’t just pull out a gun and say, “Give me your money!” These days they’re sweet-talkers who come creeping through your telephone, your computer, even your Facebook account. As an Emmy Award-Winning consumer reporter, Katrina knows when sweet turns to deceit. Help your congregation use God’s gifts wisely.

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