Are You Confusing Your Customers?

Are You Confusing Your Customers?


Happy Day after Labor Day!

I don’t want to be a bummer, but summer is over. Time to get back to real life and start thinking about your work and your customers. Time to reflect on what you learned during these bright months. Time to march forward into the brisk fall with your new knowledge.

For example, take a look at this food truck.

I spotted this gem walking along the fried food alley at our county fair. I took a picture to show you what mixed messages can do for your business.


People seemed to be so overwhelmed by the fact that you could get everything from alligator to pickles, only a few folks dared to approach.

When you look around at your website or your marketing materials, are you trying to offer everything to everyone?

I know it’s tempting because you want to attract as many customers as possible, but truly it’s the simple message that sells.

A simple message said again and again to the right audience.

Now go. Use the KISS method. Keep It Simple, Sweetie. 🙂

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