What Moments In Your Life Have You Missed?

What Moments In Your Life Have You Missed?


This week’s sermon struck a chord. I knew when I walked out, I had to ask you the same question we were asked, “Are there moments in your life you’ve missed?”

Maybe opportunities you didn’t take because you were scared, you didn’t have all the information, you feared leaving your comfort zone. Basically, you were too afraid to say – YES!

Pastor Lorie Lossie at Still Waters Methodist Church in Jackson (you should come 😊 ) shared this slide and we all laughed.

It’s so true. Great moments of saying yes to opportunities lead to incredible journeys.

Trust me, I’m on one.

Anyone who has started their own business knows it is the ultimate personal development mission. You’ll learn more about your fears and your strengths than you ever wanted to know.

The trick is plowing through those fears and breathing in the actual moment you are in right now.

I was just asked, “Do you get nervous to go on-camera or on stage in front of hundreds of people?” The answer is yes, but I know it’s a gift to be able to talk to people. I thank God and ask Him to make me a good messenger and start smiling. 😊

So what’s your gift? Did you miss the moment to open it? Was it a business blunder or a family fail?

Could you get the moment back, and make things right, if you just picked up the phone?

If so, that’s rare. Take the chance.

If not, trust there will be more moments. Don’t be afraid. Say yes.

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