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A New World of Communicating

Your team needs to show up with charisma on all communication channels now. 


Want a fast, effective, high-touch way to improve their communication skills stack?


Who We Are

  • We believe without sales, your company is just a hobby.
  • We believe YOUR sales team is the heartbeat of your business; and we keep them pumping.
  • We believe people buy from people they trust.
  • We believe first impressions matter. Sales can be gained or lost within the first five minutes.
  • We know CHARISMA counts and it CAN be taught.

What We Do

We bring together our experience in sales and TV News to create a program unique to sellers.


We have developed tools and processes for sales evaluation, coaching, and development.


In a nutshell, we help your sellers tell better stories on camera to improve sales. 

How We Do It

No technology to implement, no integrations to build. 


It’s a high-touch process led by expert communication coaches who are story-telling masters.  


Get your sales team up and running in just four easy steps.

How CHARISMAQ Coaching Works

Step 1

We review, analyze and provide feedback on your elevator speech/message script. Knowing your audience is key. Everyone hears the message differently and we’re strategic about how we strike their hearts and minds.

Step 2

We schedule and conduct a video evaluation of your sales rep to find their voice. They are evaluated on our SIX components of charismatic selling. 

Step 3

We deliver specific coaching content based on your sales rep’s evaluation. We serve up the mojo message they need!

Step 4

Let’s close the gap! We provide one-on-one sessions with a charisma coach.  Good sellers understand their product or service. Charismatic sellers understand the power of their personality and building relationships.

Invest in YOUR team today.
We got you.

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