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Smart leaders tell
better stories.

As CEO, you don’t have time to create great sound bites for your next media interview or write a game-changing speech…but we do.

Let former TV journalists use Katrina’s MUST H.A.V.E. FORMULA to make you a shining star!

Whether you are on a national broadcast like 60 Minutes or speaking to your team, it’s time to take your performance to the bank. 

“Katrina is my secret weapon” – CEO Tim Schmidt, Interviewed by 60 Minutes

Does this sound like you?

You’re a CEO with a vision but you need to be a better public speaker.

You’re a thought leader with so many thoughts, you need a journalist to help you organize and write a story that sells.

You’re a leader who knows WHAT you say and HOW you say has the power to move mountains.

Now let me ask you this...

While your marketing department is making sure the public knows about your amazing product or service,

Who’s handling the marketing of you?

Let's face it...

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People care about people more than a product.

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They want to cheer for a person who inspires them.

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You're the Chief Storyteller with no time to focus on the message.

That's Where Our CEO Storytelling Service Comes In

As an Emmy award-winning TV personality, I’m sharing everything I know about the media and how to tell a winning story about yourself and your company.

My mission in life is to grab your hand, jump over the river of fear, and connect you to a world who needs your voice, your gifts.

Media interviews and speaking before large audiences isn’t natural. As TV professionals, we work with you on becoming a bigger you… a bigger and better performer.

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How the CEO Storytelling Coaching Program Works

Step 1

We research the audience because knowing your audience is key. Everyone hears the message differently and we’re strategic about how we strike their hearts and minds.

Step 2

We interview you to find your voice. We then work with you and your marketing team to create your message and make sure your verbal marketing aligns with the company’s strategy too.

Step 3

Once your message is crafted, we get to work creating the show – the music, the visuals, and the experience. You know that feeling – you can conquer the world! Naysayers be gone!

Step 4

Now let’s take your message to the media. Are you ready for a crisis or intense interviews? Good leaders are prepared for the questions they expect. Great leaders are ready for the questions they don’t want to be asked.

Step 5

So what happens after all this training is done?

We begin to work immediately to get you into the speaking circuit and handle all negotiations. Not only that, but we’ll travel with you to make sure all details are covered and you have the greatest ability to shine.

We're your cheerleaders.
We got you.

Case Study:

See how Tim went from shying away from interviews to talking on 60 Minutes

Put Katrina in your corner

Before people can buy-in to your passion, they need to believe in you and your mission. But YOU need to believe it first.

After interviewing thousands of people on TV, I know when I see and hear a person who can influence people and direct real change.

Let me give you the confidence of real public-speaking training to become the person you know you can be.

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