Let’s bring the “show” to your event!

As a TV and radio personality, my job is to keep the audience hooked!

Nothing is better than having an event planner rush over to say:

“You crushed it!”
“You had them in the palm of your hand.”
“Thank you for making me look so good!”

Together we can design a customized keynote or workshop to fit your needs perfectly.

Requested Keynotes

Boost your Executive Presence & Confidence

You’re smart, driven, and good at what you do. But that alone won’t be enough to score you a promotion or corner office. Find the bigger YOU and how to communicate with confidence to inspire your colleagues and customers.

Broadcast Your Business
Secrets to Attract the Media and Unwrap Free Publicity

If you’ve ever wondered how did “they” get booked on that show? Why did that company get the feature story? Katrina knows. Grab her recipe to spice up your story and have the media begging for seconds.

Women RULE!
Why God HAD to make us.

Buckle up to have some fun and scream down the “Female Freeway” together. You might need a helmet for where this super-charged conversation is headed. Let’s honk the horn and celebrate what it takes to be a woman leader at home and at the office. Learn why we should be ruling the world!

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What I've Been Doing

Be Human! How Companies Need to React During A Crisis

We are all in this life together. Unfortunately, bad things happen when we forget we are part of one team. We forget we are all human and need kindness and respect.


Entrepreneurs need some networking time to rejuvenate their can-do spirits and share some good advice. We all know those daily struggles where you forget about the beautiful dream that got

What I learned from the Wisconsin Tourism Industry at WIGCOT 2018

You learn the most from your audience. At my events, you find out right away how important you are and why you must think about the audience you want to