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Hi! I’m Katrina. A TV and radio personality, entrepreneur, and true American-dream believer dedicated to helping YOU create and communicate a story that sells!

Your charisma counts! What you say and how you say it drives your success.

As an Emmy award-winning TV writer and personality, I want to help YOU.

After interviewing thousands of people during my career, I found most people don’t have the confidence or the skill set to craft and tell a winning story. That’s why I created the MUST H.A.V.E. FORMULA to coach top leaders and teams to easily tell a clear, concise, and convincing message.

Your audience needs to feel important, appreciated, and inspired.  I’ve been obsessed with making great personal connections since my grandfather taught me how to shake hands – the right way.

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From Parkersburg, West Virginia to Portland, Oregon, I’ve loved the people I’ve met along the way. I settled down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and, after more than 20 years on-camera here, I made a family and became a trusted part of this community.

The number one question people always asked me was, “How do I get on your show?” Now they are asking me, “How do I get more sales?”

It’s not hard if you know how to wrap up your story with a beautiful bow.

After seeing so many people pitch their story or products poorly, I had to jump in to help businesses, non-profits, and public relation specialists learn what the media really wants.

I wrote in all down in my book, “On Air – Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity” where you learn my MUST H.A.V.E. FORMULA to move your message.

And it not only helps you sell to the media, turns out my MUST H.A.V.E. FORMULA is helping leaders and customer-facing teams see higher engagement with their audiences too.

As a member of the National Speakers Association, my message makes audiences understand the power of your personality and the need to broadcast your personal brand.

Influence and charisma comes from strong communication skill so you’ll be successful inside and outside your organization. 

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Katrina Cravy as an Intern with Ronald Reagan


I love sharing what I learned as an intern for the “Greatest Communicator” President Ronald Reagan and some other fun and lesson-packed tales of television.

My sessions are all designed to inspire and give you immediate action steps to make people WANT to listen to you.

If you want to develop and grow your ability to engage and influence others, then your first step is booking a free discovery call.  

If you need a keynote speaker, then I’m your girl. 


I love communicating, listening, and engaging with audiences almost as much as I love my husband, my son and our two cats.

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure I would love you too. 🙂 Let’s talk about ways we can work together. 

The world is waiting to fall in love with your story. You just have to know how to tell it.

All the best,

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