If You Reap What You Sow, What Are You Sowing?


This statement is more than a Bible verse or sound evidence from a farmer, this is simply a fact.

You have to start planting the seeds for the life you want. You have to pick your row and start walking.

That great career or super business idea doesn’t just magically spout up.

You need to start talking. You need to communicate to the universe what you would like. You need to tell people your plans and ask them for feedback and opportunities.

I know you don’t really want to say your dreams out loud. I didn’t either. People may laugh. They may think you’re crazy.

I remember when I started telling people I was thinking about getting out of the media to start speaking and consulting. I could see the look.

The look of, “ARE YOU CRAZY? Why would you give up your great job?”

You may recognize that look too or actually hear these comments. I did. Sometimes I said it to myself.

I knew starting this company was a leap of faith but the idea wouldn’t go away. The vision does pull you! I think about my business and my clients and how I can solve their problems all the time.

This past year has been the most difficult and rewarding journey in my career. Being an entrepreneur takes serious work. Like having a baby, it’s more work than I ever imagined.

Thankfully, I love walking down the rows and seeing the seeds start to spout.

As a University of Southern California graduate, part of my book marketing plan was to make sure the announcement of my new book and career made the school magazine. After several months of waiting, my husband brought in the mail this week and guess what? “On Air – Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity” made the cut! Yay!

Dreams take work. A lot of work.

You’ll know if you have the right dream when you’re still thinking about it week after week and you start laying down some groundwork on what should be your “off time”.

Water and wait. Water and wait.

Be sure you have some supernatural passion, like I did because you’ll need it to carry you through the harvest.

Water and wait. Water and wait.

The life you want doesn’t come all at once. But it won’t come at all if you never plant the seed.

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