How long should it take to write a blog?

How long should it take to write a blog?


I can tell you that today it’s going to take approximately 25 minutes. That’s how much time I have before the school bus pulls up and I lose my window of opportunity for meeting my a blog-a-day challenge.

Somehow when my son comes home, my brain decides to leave. It’s a proven fact that mothers can’t think when kids are talking or whining or both. I just spent 5 minutes trying to find the research article that proves it. Ahhh! I can’t find it. Google it yourself or do your own test when you’re at the store trying to pay for something and your beautiful child merely starts talking.

My point is – this blog is now on my daily “to do” list which means it needs to be done soon.

One of the tools I use to KEEP my “to dos” together is Google’s Keep app.

You enter your tasks or your ideas or really anything and it instantly shows up on all your devices. Viola! Now the guilt of your list will follow you everywhere you go. I’m kidding…sorta. I think we all put too much on our list.

I finally erased “Edit Nieces Birthday Video” and “Learn Spanish”. She’s 20 now. I shot the video when she was 12.

Who am I kidding? Those things are never going to happen. I just wrote a book and started a company. Why can’t I celebrate those instead of looking at the goals I didn’t accomplish?

Being an “A” type personality can really mess with your head.

I don’t need those nagging guilt mongers on my list anymore.

So what’s on your “to do” list that is dragging you down because it’s been on there for years?

Did you put the items on the list because you thought checking them off would make you a better person? It’s good to push yourself but if your list just makes you feel worse, burn it. Trust me, it’s freeing.

Focus on the fun. For me, it’s writing this blog and greeting that little boy who just pulled up. 🙂

I love deadlines.


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