3 Things I Learned Talking to Mary Burke and Rebecca Kleefisch

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Own the Message

First, they own their message! I mean OWN IT!

They have banished the fear of what it looks like to be a strong woman. No mamsy pamsy… “Oh, I hope people like me and I’ll shrink and try to fit in” malarkey.

How to Disagree

Number 2 – Some people expect a cat fight. Are you one of them?

I had the honor of being asked by the Milwaukee Business Journal to help moderate the lunch time discussion between Former Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Mary Burke and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Click here if you haven’t seen all the highlights of  the Women of Influence Confidence Symposium on Friday.

For the first time, these two political former rivals were on the same stage. Days after the first female presidential candidate – lost.

People who weren’t there have asked me, “Was there a fight?” The answer is NO. These women are smart, mature professionals who know you can have a thoughtful discussion without always agreeing. The thought that their appearance together would turn into a shouting match where someone loses a patch of hair is ridiculous.

You do know that reality TV isn’t reality, right?

Building Brave

Number 3 – Mary Burke is working hard to build brave women. Check out her new mission here. I’ve already signed up.

I had the pleasure of talking with her for about 15 minutes just one-on-one. She told me about how she was in way over her head when she agreed to run against Governor Scott Walker. She said for 13 months she was dragged through the mud and put in situations she never imagined.

From my vantage point sitting on the show set at the time, I only saw her interviews with reporters where she was always smiling but you could see she was not sure of herself. She agreed.

And let me tell you, she is NOT that woman now. Completely different to me. She says the loss and the 13 months of stepping way beyond her comfort zone was the best thing she’s ever done.

She says she’s “scary confident” now. I understand. Don’t you want that as your bumper sticker?

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