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Happy Super Monday!

How did you like the Super Bowl half-time show?

I love watching the comments explode on Twitter and hearing people share their opinions on morning radio. Family-friendly or not, I think we can all agree it’s hard to believe Jennifer Lopez is 50.

My clients are also shocked when I tell them some advice I got straight from “Jenny from the Block”.

What Jennifer Lopez Said to a Young American Idol Contestant


She was mentoring a new singer on American Idol when she sprinkled some words of wisdom straight to my heart.

At the time, I was starting a new TV talk show with three awesome colleagues and we were given hot button issues to start our discussions. As the panel leader, my responsibility was to direct these conversations and capture a spark. Honestly, I was afraid one stray comment could steer our careers into the fire.

While we were encouraged to get real, I did not want the banter to become raw.

The judges on American Idol have a similar job, except they are asked to judge people.

I had a special connection to the show because, as a reporter in 2005, I was the third person to interview Carrie Underwood right after she won.

I saw the commitment all these performers make to their craft, so I listened when JLo was serving up sage advice to an up and comer.

The young singer was struggling with a song and finally, Coach Lopez spoke up. Basically, she said, “If you’re not 100 percent confident you’ll be able to hit that high note, then don’t do it. As the performer, you call the shots. You don’t have to try to reach a note you are not ready for yet.”

I sat there wishing I could jump through the screen and give this “fly girl” a hug.

There were high notes I wasn’t ready to sing yet, and being told I had permission to pull back was all I needed to hear.

Performance Advice to Increase Your Confidence


Now when I write a soundbite for a client to say in a media interview or ask them to walk into the crowd during a presentation, and I see the look of hesitation, I tell them… it’s okay. If you’re not 100 percent confident, then don’t say it. Don’t do it.

Ultimately, you are in control. The only person you must please with your “performance” is yourself.

Eventually, you will be singing the high notes…or sliding down a pole in front of millions.

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