How to Capture TV News Viewers with YOUR Story

How to Capture TV News Viewers with YOUR Story


I’m about to go on the Morning Blend to talk about “How to Put Your Best Face Forward” on the job search, and I see this AWESOME segment. The host comes out of the tent, the guest is wearing a life jacket, and they are surrounded by kayaks. Clever!

What a brilliant way for the Urban Ecology Center to highlight the free resources to help you explore nature.

You must use visuals, props, or some great video to keep viewers watching and to become a regular TV News guest.

When they tore down the tent and started dragging out the kayaks,  Marketing Director Jeff McAvoy introduces himself.

Urban Ecology Center Marketing Director Jeff McAvoy

I said, “Great job. This looks awesome!”

He smiles and tells me, “I came to your presentation through the Milwaukee Business Journal.”  Editor Mark Kass and I taught “How to Attract the Media and Thousands of New Customers” last November.  Jeff said my class transformed the way he thought about doing interviews.

It’s exciting to know my publicity and media training is paying off for business, non-profits, and PR people who want to be their best.

Not to mention, my TV buddies who are now getting better content for their viewers.

“I learned a ton and having the book to read afterward was really helpful,” said Jeff. We are planning another Milwaukee Business Journal event soon, so stay tuned.

Until then, if you’d like me to come and talk with your business group, or you’d like some one-on-one or group coaching, check out what I have to offer.  You can also simply email me at

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