How to be a great public relations specialist?

How to be a great public relations specialist?


You have a terrific client with a great story to tell but you just can’t get a journalist to bite. I get it.

As a journalist for more than 20 years, PR people were always pitching me what they thought would be a sure “earned media” proposal.

Thousands of emails, hundreds of calls, but few were brave enough to ask the one question needed to get their foot in the door.

How to Get Earned Media

If you’ve ever heard my “Broadcast Your Business” keynote, you know I mention the ONE request only five PR people ever asked me in my 20 year-plus journalism career.

The one game-changer to boost their chances for success.

Nancy Wilkes, the Director of Public Relations for Platypus Advertising and Design was one of those special PR people.

I was delighted she and Platypus President Dan Trzinski heard me speak at the Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism.

Even more thrilled when they asked me to be on their podcast. Listen in (9:48) to find out if you’re doing that ONE thing!



If you’d like Katrina to be a guest on your podcast, please contact Director of Client Success Nikki Packee at 





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