Career Advice from Women of Influence


What do you get when you pack a house with 900 people to honor leaders and “Women of Influence”? The answer is TONS of great advice from women who have “done that…been there”.

How to be a woman of influence? 

This event was special for me because my dear friend, Susan Kim, was awarded for her community service. I teared up announcing her achievements because I’m so thankful she is in my life.

We’ve known each other for more than 20 years. Susan, Producer Kim Buchanan, and I were hired by WTMJ and came to Milwaukee around the same time.

We didn’t have any friends or family around. We were on a mission to start our TV news careers, and on our off-time became each other’s family.

As an anchor and reporter for Today’s TMJ 4, Susan has done so much to raise money for charities around southeastern Wisconsin. It was also her idea to start the “Community Baby Shower” and now, for 16 years, families in need have received diapers and baby essentials. One idea and a big heart.

All the Women of Influence shared their journeys; they all have something in common.

Success and awards like this do not come overnight.



Reputations are built day by day and year after year. There are no shortcuts.

Here are just a few of the great quotes shared by some of the honorees:

  • What will you be proud of doing 20 years from now? Work on those projects.
  • I’m the first African American to be in this position and I hope that is an accomplishment that doesn’t last long.
  • I just kept saying yes to people who asked. I said yes a lot.

I hope you say yes to projects that excite you. I hope you say yes to having a great group of friends. And I hope you have the chance to share the stage with leaders who care.

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