How to Get People to Listen to You!

Katrina Cravy Communications Advisor for CEOs

You want to influence people especially on camera! In front of thousands or maybe millions of people – you better be clear and commanding.

We all know the truth, “It’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.”  When I was preparing a client to be ready for an interview with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes, you bet we spent a lot of time practicing his answers for any and all questions. 

First step, write out the questions you expect to be asked.  Then think of all the questions you’d rather not answer. You have to practice moving away from those and back to what I call your “Signature Statements”. 

Here is an excerpt from my book to explain what you need to do next. 

Write out your answers, read them out loud. Now say them in a conversational way to your friends and family and see how they respond.

Ways to Prepare for a Presentation or Interview

Do they think your comments are quick, funny, and/or carry some emotion? If they like what you’re saying – practice, practice, practice!!!

You can do this while you’re driving. You can do this sitting at home with your video camera recording. You can do this with a friend feeding you the questions, or I can do a private coaching session with you too.

Keep working on your answers until you combine the perfect amount of feelings with the facts.

Notice I said “feelings” before “facts” because honestly a good reporter will steal the facts from you and rely on you for the heart-felt opinion.  The unbiased media should not have or give an opinion.

Reporters ask the same question in different ways because we’re digging for an emotional opinion. Emotion sells and we know if we strike the right chord, you’ll sing.

–       Katrina Cravy

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