What are you NOT telling the Boss? – Business Health Care Group-Oct. 26, 2016


When you’re taking a leap of faith, you better listen to your heart and keep your ears open at all times. Someone may need to hear the message you were given. It happened to me.

I must thank Business Health Care Group’s Executive Director Jeffrey Kluever for hearing about my departure from FOX6 and picking me up fast. BHCG asked me to deliver a customized keynote just two weeks after my last day.

BHCG members are some of the top employers in Wisconsin who combined forces to help lower health care cost for their employees. My kind of people.

I had gone over their talking points and value propositions early on to help customize the talk and the keynote was all set. Except for the night before my presentation, I felt like I needed to add one more line.

Get Over the Fear of Making Mistakes

A line about getting over fear. I know my coaching clients are worried about taking the step to put themselves in front of a camera or multiple cameras and I thought someone in the BHCG audience needed to take a step too.

Here’s what I wrote for them.

“The trick is editing out the dumb and getting over the fear of making mistakes… How can you stop thinking about the fear that’s holding you back?

Do you have a great idea for your company or a new way you think the process would run smoother but you’re fearful of sharing it with your boss?

You don’t talk in meetings because you don’t want to be judged. Trust me we are all being judged all the time.

How do we edit our minds to stop beating up ourselves for the times we feel short and see those times simply as opportunities to make better decisions?

Be Honest and Work Together to Solve Problems

Do – what I just did. (I had told a story about one of my dumb mistakes on a hidden camera investigation) While you’re networking today talk about something that didn’t go right. Innovative strategies only come from people being honest about their problems and working together to solve them.”

After my talk, a woman came up and told me what I said about “fear of talking with the boss” meant a lot to her. She explained she had some ideas she thought were great but was worried about moving them up the chain.

I told her, “Guess what, I didn’t write that line until last night. So it was obviously meant for you.”

Who knows what wonderful ideas are waiting to change our world but are hiding behind a little fear? What’s holding you back?

Learn more about my journey and how I got over the fear of making mistakes to start my own business.

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