How to Use Google Alerts to Position Yourself as an EXPERT!

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Getting a Media Interview

The media is looking for experts to interview, but how do you know when they need you?

One of the tips I’m sharing with my coaching clients and in my new book is to use Google Alerts to your advantage.

Using Google Alerts

In a nutshell, if you go to Google Alerts and type in the keywords for your industry, Google will scour the interwebs for you and email you all the stories that hit those keywords.

No more taking your time to search – you’ll be instantly alerted. You can call media outlets fast and offer your services as an expert when the topic is right up your alley and the media needs a local person to interview.

I have Google Alerts for communication, marketing, YouTube, and TV industry information just to name a few. And oh yeah, and it’s set for my name.

I know it’s vain but come on, I’m a former TV person. 🙂 You should want to know when the media is talking about you too.

For more media tips, read my new book.

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