How to be Interviewed on TV?


Getting a feature story on your business or non-profit or for your PR clients isn’t hard if you’ve created relationships with your local media and you know what they need.

Recently Milwaukee Business Journal Editor Mark Kass and I shared what we know about how to get free publicity with this terrific crowd at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Everything YOU Need to Know About How to be Interviewed By a Reporter

We both said you need to build relationships with reporters. And reporters need you too. But how do you make that relationship?

How to Build Relationships with Reporters

First, start following them on social media. See what makes them tick. Then send them a Killer Email. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already signed up and downloaded my “How to Write a Killer Email” template. If not, do it.

Now let’s say you know you’re going to meet someone in the media who could be influential, reach out beforehand or at least follow-up with an email saying how much you enjoyed what they had to say at the event.

I had two people email me during this event while I was still talking! Talk about go-getters.

How to Build a Relationship in a Chance Encounter

But what if you have a chance encounter with someone you know works for a local station, except you can’t come up with their full name and you don’t have time to check your smartphone? Do your best to come up with at least their first name, or don’t try using their name at all. Give them a warm smile, say, “Hi. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your work.”

Compliments always pave the way, especially for people on TV. Let them know you have an idea for their show, but you respect their time and would love to have their business card to email them later.

Remember if this is a chance meeting in a supermarket or the mall, they are probably with their family.

A business card is a quick way to get their information.


Learn more about building relationships with reporters in my new book On Air – Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity

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