Ready To Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone? – Town Bank November 3, 2016

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Jumping out of Your Comfort Zone

Jumping outside of your comfort zone is not easy. I know. When I strapped on my professional parachute and said good-bye to my TV family, it was not an overnight decision. It took two years of me asking myself every day, “Can you do this?”

I basically asked the same question to all the people who came to my book launch and presentation sponsored by Town Bank and held at Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative  Corporation. Thank you.

Business owners, non-profit folks, a county government representative and even a political candidate all came to hear how to attract the media and get free publicity.

Are You Ready to Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone?

When I asked, “If a TV station called you right now and said be here in an hour to talk about your expertise, could you do it?” Only a quarter of the class said they could.

My mission is to help everyone else get on the plane.Town Bank1 IMG_2666

Do you want to learn my secrets for jumping out of your safety zone and getting media attention? Learn more about my speaking events or read my new book – “On Air Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity”

Hope to help you soon.

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