Top Questions about Public Speaking


I asked and you answered! Or rather you sent me great questions about public speaking, press releases, and what you should wear.

Some of the following questions won a free code to download the new audio version of my book “On Air Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity

Here are some of the winning questions and my best answers:

When in a meeting with a group of people trying to come to some decision or doing some brainstorming, when is the BEST time to offer one’s opinion?  Early to help get the ball rolling …or after everyone else has spoken their piece?


Answer: With brainstorming situations, I think you could go either way. If there’s a gap in the conversation, then you should fill that gap.

If people are really going strong, hold back and wait to let people think for themselves. Either way, I think leaders should provide direction by asking great questions. Assisting others to think for themselves can be a great way to secretly get the slam dunk.

Who are the best examples you have witnessed in making great presentations?


Answer: I think the best presenters are ones who know their audience and can move them emotionally through great storytelling.

Locally, John McGivern is one of the best I’ve seen along with best-selling author Patrick Lencioni (picture above) who spoke in Milwaukee last year. They both have energy, care about the audience, and ACT out their stories. You have great stories too. Don’t be afraid to draw the audience in by being animated and playing the roles of different speakers.

Or just wear a fake mustache. I love this picture of John and me in Mexico for 96.5 WKLH.

During the actual presentation or speech, how can I not act nervous, especially when I am not “feeling it” from the audience or attendees?


Answer: I completely understand the audience “not really feeling it”. I hate that feeling and it’s happened to me a few times. Usually, it was with people who are very analytical and aren’t as forthcoming with their facial expressions or public displays of appreciation. If you know the information you’re giving is great, then forge ahead and keep going because the audience just may be thinking instead of reacting. Don’t overly judge yourself while you’re talking, what until the feedback sheets come in.

How do you make sure your clothes don’t photograph as semi-transparent or stretched thin or otherwise embarrassing?


Answer: Ladies, always wear nude bras and underwear. A TV consultant said to me years ago it makes no sense to wear anything else.  If it’s a sit-down interview, I recommend sitting down in front of a mirror to see how the clothing drapes or if the skirt is too short.

Are press releases even looked at? If so, what is the best day/time and way to get them to someone who will read them?


Answer: Standard press releases are dead. As soon as the media sees them, it’s an instant turn off because it’s not personalized and journalists know everyone got the same information. There is a link on my homepage to sign-up and download my “How to Write a Killer Media Release Template” to make your pitch to the media. The best time is usually three weeks in advance and be sure to do a follow-up email too. Plus don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter so you can download the 5-page worksheet for “3 Tips to Attract the Media in the next 30 Days”.


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