Motivational speakers need motivation too!


Like every New Year’s resolution, I started my blog-a-day challenge with the best intentions. I was doing so well for about a week and then my family was invited to a Bucks game. I only had so much time and something…the blog…had to give.

I blame it on the Milwaukee Bucks having an exciting year.

Then it was one event after another until last week; I had my first official book signing event at Boswell Books. Yay!

I loved the entrepreneurs and people who “do what you desire” #dwyd. I also love how they network at these events and try to see where they can help each other grow. After my short presentation, I opened it up for discussion. Wow!

They had so many great questions about how to get publicity for their businesses and non-profits without having a marketing budget.

We exchanged ideas and brainstormed a bit. I’m glad so many people signed up to learn more about my group coaching where we can really dig deep. We will get a date and a place together soon.

But what really amazed me was the write-ups after the event. Especially the one from Denise Barnett and Snapdragon Flowers of Elm Grove who had been on TV with me before. Sometimes I forget what I’ve said to people and don’t realize how I’ve helped them. It’s always good to hear you’re making a difference.

We all need cheerleaders. Who motivates you?

Here is what she wrote on LinkedIn:

“So much fun tonight at the book signing for Katrina Cravy‘s new book “On Air”. The first time I met her was right before an appearance on Studio A where she faced off against @BrianKramp in a flower design contest. These two pros were cool as cucumbers while I was battling nerves…I’ll never forget the advice she gave me about 5 minutes before our segment. She looked at me and said something akin to ‘Embrace the nerves, it’s good. Being nervous means that this matters – it should matter. And when it’s all over, go back, open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate your success for conquering those nerves.’ #TickleYourFear ”

#TickleYourFear is what I tell my son.

You need to say, “I feel you, Fear, but I’m not going to let you hold me. I’m going to tickle you.” You can say whatever you want. The point is – don’t let fear be the loudest voice in your head.

Trust me, as a new business owner, I need to tickle my fears every day. That’s why I’m so thankful to everyone who came to Boswell Books and for all of you who motivate this motivational speaker.

To find out more about my one-on-one media training, click here. I’d love to be there when you pop open the champagne.

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