“Networking Events Near Me” Happen All The Time

Jeff Blue's Egg

You walk in the door and you’re greeted by the smell of bacon and the sound of thick conversation. Instant love.

Blue’s Egg in Milwaukee is a hot spot for breakfast whether it’s with your kids or networking with your business clients.

You probably don’t think of every place you go as a networking event, but you should.

As a TV news veteran, and now radio personality, I consider myself a walking billboard.

And let me explain why you are too!

You walk around everyday and everywhere you go you are giving away your gifts. Your gifts are what you have to offer to yourself, to a potential love interest, to your family, to your employer, and to your clients.

There is no OFF button.

There is no time you should act a fool.

Basically, you should always be ON. You should always act like you’re at a networking event and care about everyone around you.

Case in point:

I was with a coaching client at Blue’s Egg going over her social media profile (seeing what the media will be checking out) and coming up with more ways for her to get media coverage.

The conversation was great. Our food was delicious. I paid the bill and left. I wasn’t expecting this LinkedIn message I received soon after:

“Hello Katrina, Thanks for excepting my invitation to connect. You may be wondering why I reached out to you. You were having breakfast this morning at Blue’s Egg and our server JEFF came over to our table and said that he thought you and I should get to know each other. He said you had started a new company and given what my company does, perhaps this could be a good relationship. So, would you like to have breakfast in the next few weeks and get acquainted?”

-Linda Kiedrowski, CEO Paranet Group

Having just started my speaking and media coaching business, I checked out her company (I’ll always be an investigative reporter); and I said SURE!

This is the company summary:

“The Paranet Group is a professional organization serving the manufacturing community for 30 years. Using our process of Private Advisory Groups, professional coaching and trending topic events, we move manufacturers and their organizations to the next level.”

I met Linda and Paranet President, Kelly Rudy at Blue’s Egg, of course, where we had to take a picture with Jeff. 😊

Since Linda and Kelly are “regulars”, he’d taken the time to get to know them and know more about their business so he could make good connections.

Now I’m going to speak at their annual member event in December with my keynote address “Taking Your Brand to the Bank”.  As an event gift for their members, they are also buying a hundred copies of my new book.

Remember the “bank” is the wealth we store in all the relationships around us – whether we know them or not.

We are all connected, and thankfully some people choose to connect others.

For this, I’m grateful. Thank you, Jeff.

If you’d like to know more about Katrina’s coaching or booking her to speak at your next event, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

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