How To Get “Earned Media” News Coverage


To help pay for college, I was a Resident Advisor for three years at the University of Southern California. I learned a lot about people from all walks of life; and did you know they all have something in common? They like to eat.

People love free food. My floor meetings were well attended if Mr. Pizza or Ms. Cookies had also been invited. Nothing has changed.

Great advice from the best PR people I’ve met over my media career.

The best Public Relations (PR) people I know started our relationship off with a gallon of coffee and a few bagels or donuts for the staff, just so they could have 15 minutes of face time. Brilliant!

Why not come in behind the Trojan Horse of hot dogs or subs to get a lunch meeting at their office? After a few bites and a little chit-chat, then ask them how you, or your product, can be of service.

Getting to know a producer or a reporter face-to-face is a great advantage to gather insight into their world, how they run the show, what stories are they looking for, and what will really help their audience.

All questions you should ask a reporter to get media coverage.

Recently I gave my “The Magic Box – How to Broadcast Your Business on TV” presentation at the Golden Rondelle Theater in Racine sponsored by Aflac. The audience was mostly small business owners and non-profit groups and a couple people raised their hands to say they were frustrated with getting little response from “the media”.

My response was not an answer but a question. “Do you know the media as real people?” If not, you need to start building a relationship with them and see how you can help make their jobs easier.

For example, do you know the RIGHT time to call a reporter?

It’s in my new “3 Easy Tips to Attract the Media in the Next 30 Days” free guide you probably already downloaded on the newsletter sign-up page.

The media is more likely to say yes to meeting with a PR firm or company with a big outreach, but if you seem like a nice person, and have something to benefit our audience, then there is a good chance we’ll open the door.

Let’s say when you call asking for a quick meeting, they say, “We don’t have time for that.” Just before they are about to end the call, say, “No problem. I’ll go ahead and send this goodness your way and anything you can do will be great.”

They can’t help but have a warm feeling for you after eating your goodies and doing nothing in return. Perhaps they will do something for you the next time you call.

Speaking of local, I’m super proud of these Do-It-Yourself PR people!

“After applying all your wonderful ideas, our school was featured on ALL the media outlets (Spanish/English) for an event we had in December. Our preschool is at full capacity. Please know that I’m extremely grateful for all the ideas you shared.”

Maria Hernandez , St. Anthony School

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 “On Air – Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity” is a how-to guide for small businesses, non-profits, and marketing teams who want to tap into the mind of the media.

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