Being Different Sells – What I Learned From “The Cat Man” of Madison?


I don’t know if that’s his official title, but that’s what I’m calling this guy. I met “The Cat Man” at the Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison this weekend. A lot of people who came to this beer-tasting festival met him too.

You see getting publicity from the media is not much different than simply getting attention.

The Cat Man told me he got this fine suit as a gift and decided to wear it to every local festival. He says everywhere he goes people love talking with him and taking pictures.

I did. Mostly because I knew my 11-year-old son would find it “purrfect”. My son is also a connoisseur of a fine cat t-shirt collection.  Plus I wanted to share the lesson of The Cat Man.

You have to be different to attract people. You have to be entertaining. You have to love people to be great with the media and with any audience.

If you’ve read my book or been to one of my speaking engagements, you know about my must H.A.V.E. formula. The recipe includes all the ingredients to attract the media and how to shine when they call.

The Cat Man is Engaging. His “uniform” instantly gives it away.

With my coaching clients, I tell them it’s best to wear something so the audience quickly knows what you’re about when they look at the TV. If you’re a doctor, you might want to wear a dress or suit to be to look your best for the interview, but if the viewer has the volume down, will they know who you are?

The person watching may have a medical issue or they’re looking for a new doctor. If you were wearing your white coat and a stethoscope, they might be intrigued to turn the volume up and listen to what you’re saying.

I also work with clients who are stressed to go on TV, think they need to memorize everything, and forget to have fun.

My job is to help them come up with their best signature statements, know a few key points, and practice until we are having fun.

The facts are important but no one will care if you’re so uptight the audience doesn’t like you.

You need to be likable before they will listen.

You need them to care about you first before they care about your message.

You need to be comfortable in your own skin or even better…a cat suit!

For more information about how to attract the media, read my new book “On Air – Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Free Publicity”.

What’s inside? Go to for all the details.

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